I’m the co-owner of a TD Vinette 37′ Custom Steel Trawler (Steel Aweigh) and I love our boat. When we purchased it, we weren’t able to find a lot of information about the seemingly custom Vinette. Through some connections made around the marina and a couple incidental encounters, we realized there are more of Mr. Thomas Dale Vinette’s boats out on the water that we thought. This site is an opportunity to connect with owners of those boats and exchange information as well as a place to show off your TD Vinette. We’ll also try and act as a repository for information around the web about Vinette Boatworks and their handiwork.


TD Vinette 37
Our 37′ TD Vinette at one of our stops on the Great Loop.

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Hello, I am a boat enthusiast from my earliest memories. I have had mostly direct drive water sports boats, I am a Correct Craft Fan and owner. This summer I really thought I would like to get a boat I can stay on and leave in the water. Marinettes were built not too far from me and there are quite a few of them around, they come up for sale for quite often, they are reasonably priced and I like ‘em. But, I also have a retirement dream of doing the loop. These Vinette’s I just discover seem to check all the boxes and would be a much better loop boat in my opinion than a Marinette ( I love trawlers anyway). Plus I have confidence And the equipment to repair steel as opposed to aluminum, which the Marinettes are made of. Anyway, just when you think you know all the boats out there, a Jem like a Vinette comes across the screen. I look forward to learning what I can about these great boats.

Glad to help you learn more about Vinettes! I’m going to transfer some of my handwritten logs from our trip around the loop very soon – we’re actually headed to the boat in a few days to attempt and “cross our wake” as we finish up our extended trip around the Great Loop. I’d highly recommend it – what a trip! I can’t wait to do it again.

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