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Vinette in salt water  


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24/04/2020 12:01 am  

TD Vinette was a builder of steel boats primarily used in freshwater . Although they built non commercial vessels my expectation is that many of their projects were for steel fishing tugs used on the Great Lakes. I'm curious has anyone owned Vinette built vessel and used it extensively in saltwater applications. If so how the boat fare in that more corrosive environment.


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07/06/2020 12:59 am  

We've had our 37' Vinette trawler in Saltwater for long spells at a time and we've had it in the Gulf for a couple of years now. We started with a solid barrier coat, we choose the right anodes depending on what our boating plans are for the year (preferably zinc if in full-on saltwater all the time, aluminum if in brackish or back and forth from salt to fresh), and check them regularly and change as necessary. When we've hauled the boat, we've been happy. Looking at the inside (we always hear steelies rush from the inside out), we haven't noted any more corrosion than when we bought it. So far so good! I have been looking at this website and trying to decide if something like this (I'm sure there are plenty of other ones out there) makes sense so we don't have to worry about having the diver or hauling the boat when it's time to swap zincs - that gets pretty costly. 

TL;DR - Steel boats like the Vinette sail around the world every day - as long as you treat them well, they'll hold up indefinitely!

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